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Hiring the peripherals or IT equipment on rent is beneficial. Suppose if you are a business traveler or you are not living in your permanent home at this situation it’s better to take thing on rent. If you are not literate in Tech and you do not know how to fix the issues or replace it with the upgrade version. Then it’s the best way to make your mind for taking stuffs on rent. We offer Laptops, Desktops, Servers, Ups and Modems etc. on rent and it is our responsibility to fix the issues and update the software of laptop, installing the windows etc.

Basically servers are required in offices or colleges where you have to connect more than one pc it is the same like other computer but provide service to other systems. It accepts or deny the request coming from the client program. Understandably the device that runs the software of servers also considered as server.Servers are responsible to take control or access the emails, DNS, printing jobs, FTP or hosting websites. There are various servers like Application server, Web server, Print server, Cloud Server, File serve etc.

We commit our client’s to deliver them a good quality or cutting edge server at less price. We provide workstation on rent for commercial use including the office, universities, schools, big companies and also for private use. Our inventory includes various servers like SUN Server with its various version of FIRE T1000, FIRE T2000, FIRE X4100 M2, FIRE V490 etc. In addition we provide Rack Mount Servers, Data Base Server, SUN/UNIX/AIX Server or Blade Server, Proxy Server, Dedicated server on rent with different configurations. Workstations are desktops that are stronger than personal computers. These are used for CAD/CAM, software development, publishing desktops, 3D or HD graphics. These comes with high resolutions of at 64MB RAM or GUI. These also have mass storage devices and the special type of workstation is called diskless. We have all these workstation available with us on rent.

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