About Us

About Us

In this economical world everyone is not able to fulfil their needs. We understand the challenges you are facing though we came in the market to provide you the accessories that are most essential in your life on rent. If you are not able to buy the computer (PC) for your children we can provide you the second hand system or PC on rent. We offers efficient system that lets us to raise our business, we believe if we satisfy our client’s there is no one who will stop us to grow our business. Recently we are present in only Jaipur but in few time we will spread our network in other cities also. Whether you need PlayStation, projector or other IT accessories, we provide every item on rent just you need to fill the form. We deliver the item to your home as we have a service of delivery and pick-up.

Projectors are commonly needed for universities, offices, colleges or for meeting/presentation purpose for only few hours than you can go for rental services. We will provide you all of them on rent and the charges are asked on hourly basis. We have a trained staff with us who also will suggest you which item is suitable for you according to your needs. We are offering various services like:-

  • Computer on rent
  • MAC on rent
  • PlayStation on rent
  • Projector on rent
  • Desktops on rent
  • Laptops on rent

We are one of leading firm in Jaipur market that offers IT products on rent. We provide our best on time service and after getting your request our staff will reach to your doorstep. We try to make a strategic relationship with our client and provide them a good satisfaction level. If you are beginner we will recommend you to take computer on rent though you can practice on it and after than you can buy your own pc. We are always here to guide you and help you or you can take our service man with you if you face problem during the connection of system. We won’t ask for additional charges.

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