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We are one of the best IT equipment rental company that deals with laptops on rent, desktops on rent, projectors or play stations on rent. Today these devices are necessary in everyone life’s but some are able to buy them and few needs to wait since a long though keeping these all in mind we start giving these accessories on rent. You can take them with you for a long and can complete your work and the cost is also reasonable.p>

You can come to us at any time if you want any of the equipment on rent and we will tell you the configuration and what would be the cost and how much you need to pay in advance. You can buy computers on rent for your personal or commercial use. We are topmost firm in Jaipur who provides you the rental service in terms of IT equipment’s. We ask your requirements before allotting you the system and our expert will advise you which will be the best configuration for your purpose. We provide you the fast or reliable service or you can hire other office supplies like pen drive, printer, scanner or other peripheral device also. We offer you free delivery and pick up facility and you can hire any computer without any hesitation. We provide branded laptops or computers or rent to schools, universities, offices or corporate sectors. If you want to buy any system you can give your configuration we will assemble computers accordingly.

We have several categories with us which will let you to choose our firm such as we have an experience of over 5 years, various brands are available with us, best quality products, delivery n time, price are also reasonable, products are available always, enterprise solutions etc.

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We offer many services like installation services along with repairing the old computers, Apple laptop rental service, Projector rental service, PlayStation rental service, Technical support installation service, I-Pad rental services etc.

Laptop, Desktop and Computer Rental at Low Cost for Personal and Commercial use

Conversely we offers vast list of computers or laptops on rent at affordable cost. We deliver all assets immediately without any delay, you can rely on us for pickup and delivery services. If you found any troubleshooting problem you can call us at any time or if you face any issue with projector connection we are one step away. You can take a number of systems on rent that could be in range of hundreds or thousands. You just need to fill the online request form if you are going to hire system on rent no other formalities are required.

You though have question in your mind why to take pc or laptops on rent. Let us clear you in smooth way. Renting is also called OPEX that means operating expenditure that allows you to preserve you investments. It helps you to conserve you money for other better investment opportunities. These payments are fixed or do not varies unlike salaries and all. You can pay rent in advance, in mid or at the end, it allows you to get the equipment according to your desire if your budget is not allowing you the buy the same. Renting is the best source of saving and it is according to your comfort you can pay money accordingly and If you think you pocket is tight and you are not able to purchase an upgrade part you have option to borrow it. OPEX is best option to take things for temporary purpose and is best suited for startup or new organizations. Renting improves you financial ratios for example your credit bills.

If you are passionate of gaming but your earning is not much to buy PS4 …… no worries we are having a solution of this problem also you can take PS4, PS3, XBOX on rent which mean you can play games on them in your home for long you just need to pay an amount in advance. Some time you are in mood to play game after coming back from your job and you are not having play station at your home you can hire these on hourly base also and fulfil your desires of playing game on play station. As it counts under the richest game and many of the rich people use to play this at their free time.

Projectors are commonly needed for universities, offices, colleges or for meeting/presentation purpose for only few hours than you can go for rental services. We will provide you all of them on rent and the charges are asked on hourly basis.

Projector, kiosks and Computer Rental Services

Our other Rental Services

We have a trained staff with us who also will suggest you which item is suitable for you according to your needs. We are offering various services like:-

  • Server on Rent
  • kisok on Rent
  • Ups on Rent
  • Modem on rent

What our client says

I am computer nitwit. The machine I was using is of decades. I was not able to carry my system to the shop. But I call PC repair service, Jaipur, they send their engineer to work on my system and make it alive once again. Thanks to you and your supportive employees.

Shyam Mangal

I am so happy to meet an employee of PC repair service. They help me to setup my new PC in my home from office. They are experienced and the work is truly professional in less cost. I would like to recommend you all ….. This service as best service in Jaipur or nearby.

Abhishek Mittal

I bought a HP laptop and was very excited. But suddenly after a week my machine stop working may its hardware or software cause. I was fully disappointed that time one of my friends told me about your service. My laptop start working and they let me know to root cause of failure. Thanks to them or their service.

Piyush Borana

My laptop is about 80 days old. And my CD drive went out. My brother has his friend in PC repair service centre in Jaipur. He called him and asks for help. Now my system starts working in faster and better manner. He also provide me free antivirus for my system. Thanks to the service offered by them.

Pankaj Singh

By mistake I deleted sound software from my machine while uninstalling the software. And I was not able to find that software or solution from other service centre. I called PC repair service in Jaipur. They send their worker to my home and had it working again. The payment I gave them was also reasonable and they don’t demand for extra home service charges. If anyone is in need of good repairing technician go for them.

Rakesh Kumar

My child plays a computer games a lot as we are having a limited computer skills. Several times we suffer from virus problems. In all possible cases I contact with PC repair service in Jaipur by phone only. They ask me many of the questions. How long the system work and what activity is performed. And they help me out by guiding me the step how to come out from this situation. I am really thankful to you.

Aman Kumar